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27 Nov 2015

What a great night!
We are working towards our Outdoor Challenge badge and needed to learn about the Countryside Code so following a last minute change to the program we took part in a quiz. Each six was tasked with completing the full quiz with the assistance of a leader.

I am happy to report that everyone passed with flying colours and we have some very knowledgeable Cubs who are well prepared for some outside fun in the great outdoors when we next go camping.
As a reward for completing the quiz so …

27 Nov 2015

The Cubs had a great Bonfire night out at Rothwell Park on the 5th of November so we continued the fire theme through to this week but focussed on safety.
How many families already have a practised fire escape plan at home?
We have learned that by drawing a plan of our homes we are able to learn where the escape routes are, how we could all get out safely and that it doesn’t take long to work out but can and will save lives.
All Cubs have brought home their plan to …

23 Oct 2015

Cub and scouts joined together for our end of term party, enjoying dancing to music, eating hot dogs and picnic foods and spending time relaxing with friends whilst learning that Halloween is celebrated by Pagan’s and then reflecting on this from a Christian point of view. This is part of our wider learning surrounding our World Faiths Activity work.
This was our last session before the holidays and we heard lots of conversations taking place about fun activities that were being planned for through the week.
Church Parade will take place Sunday …

20 Oct 2015

Another great night with Carlton Cubs. The challenges was knots and Hitches and everyone took part with great enthusiasm. Nearly every cub managed to complete the remaining credits needed for their pioneering badge and the newer Cubs are well on their way to completion.

Hopefully the models/knots and hitches made it home in one piece.
We reorganized the sixes, awarded Sixer and Seconder stripes to those who are proving to be natural leaders and taking on more responsibility, and moved to five sixes rather than four to allow for the increased …

2 Oct 2015

What a great evening at 8th Carlton Cubs tonight!
Our topic tonight was teamwork and after a short introduction the Cubs were soon engaged in forum style activities planning out a camp. There were no guidelines, they had to decide what, how, where, when and the type of activities they would like to try out. The Cubs worked as a team to plan everything including the food they would like to eat on camp.
We now have the skeleton of 4 cub camps that we will be looking at further in the …

24 Sep 2015

As part of the outdoor challenge badge Cubs had to prepare/serve/eat a simple meal out in the open so we chose the close proximity of the church for practical reasons (toilets, washing up facilities and ease of access).
The Cubs were split into sixes and given a cooking station, tins of beans, a loaf of bread and all necessary equipment needed but had to work as a team to make the meal.

Full credit to all Cubs who approached this challenge with enthusiasm and got stuck in quickly.
We soon had hot beans …

24 Sep 2015

Wow, what a fantastic start to September!
Cubs were tasked with packing an overnight bag for camp and bringing to the meeting. There was no set criteria and
it was to start the conversations within the sixes as to what we need, what we might like to have and what isn’t
needed. Some of the older/ more experienced cubs turned up with everything you could need for a fortnight in the
Alps, including the travel toilet paper whilst others felt a toy gun, a teddy and clean pants were enough. Strangely,
we didn’t see many …

16 Jul 2015

Tonight was the last night of the year for us at Carlton Scout Group and we went out in style!

A water fight was arranged and took place on Millenium Green. We had an amazing turn out of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and plenty of the adult helpers, Leaders and parents all took part.

A tuck shop was also running during the evening (raising money for the group) and the chocolate seemed especially popular with everyone. Thanks to Claire Scaife and family for running the tuck shop at all our events over …

9 Jul 2015

Carlton Cubs enjoyed a beautiful summers evening trip on the Jubilee Venture scout Narrowboat (Courtesy of the Wakefield Scout District) along the Aire and Calder Navigation in Wakefield
Thanks to Philip our “Master” for the trip, Raksha his able boat hand and the parents and leaders who walked alongside on the bank 😃

18 Jun 2015

Our 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 18th June at Christ Church, Lofthouse.
The Beaver section gave a verbal report – Cub and Scout sections produced powerports which can be viewed here:

8th Carlton AGM 2015 – Cubs
8th Carlton Scouts AGM Scout Presentation June 2015

Things to note

Assistant Cub Leaders Lucy “Winnie” and Nikee “Shen” and Assistant Scout Leader Kris “Nighthawk” invested
latest member of the Scout Troop, Lewis, invested.
For Beavers:

Ben S won “Beaver of the Year” award
William C won “Greenbeaver Award” award

For Cubs:

Jacob H earned “Cub of the Year” award
Dennis R earned “Best Newcomer” award

For Scouts:

Lauren H won “Best …