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27 Jul 2015

The 8th Carlton Scout Group’s delegation of 8 scouts arrived at a wet Haarlem Jamborette!
You can see more updates of their adventures on the Facebook page “SLAM Scouts go to Haarlem”
Jamborette Youtube Video

18 Jun 2015

Our 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 18th June at Christ Church, Lofthouse.
The Beaver section gave a verbal report – Cub and Scout sections produced powerports which can be viewed here:

8th Carlton AGM 2015 – Cubs
8th Carlton Scouts AGM Scout Presentation June 2015

Things to note

Assistant Cub Leaders Lucy “Winnie” and Nikee “Shen” and Assistant Scout Leader Kris “Nighthawk” invested
latest member of the Scout Troop, Lewis, invested.
For Beavers:

Ben S won “Beaver of the Year” award
William C won “Greenbeaver Award” award

For Cubs:

Jacob H earned “Cub of the Year” award
Dennis R earned “Best Newcomer” award

For Scouts:

Lauren H won “Best …

6 Jun 2015

8th Carlton Beavers, Cubs and Scouts join in the Bradley Wood Campfire at the end of Saturday after a great evening meal provided by Oo, Winnie and their team. (Thank you!) 

7 Feb 2015

8th Carlton Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part in the South Leeds and Morley District Swimming Gala at the John Charles Center for Sport on Saturday, 7th February.
Cubs put two teams forward…

Team (A) “Sharks” were Thomas W, Louie F and Harry A.
Team (B) “Dolphins” were Imogen S, Abi R, Henry U and Harry A

… and Alex H came in 3rd for Cubs – well done Alex!

And the 8th Carlton Scout Troop fielded one team at this event – Dan N, Joe R, Joseph B, Josh S and Callum H
The District Commissioner had this …

27 Jan 2015

Tonight scout’s was wicked!
We did some pioneering in which we had to build a tripod using only rope and wooden beams. We then went down to millennium green and we had a competition to see which patrol could make a ledge that could get Jack the highest off the ground.
Then, we did the mega fun thing, we had a snowball fight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS

20 Jan 2015

This week at scouts we did activities about drama and role play. Each patrol had to think of a scene from a book or a film or even one just from their imagination.
Then we had 45 minutes to practice until 8.00, and then it was show time. Each patrol performed in front of 5 judges. One patrol did a scene of magical unicorns, another about gangster Granny. Each patrol tried really hard yet the tigers just came out on top. Then it was time for the fun. Scouts challenged the …

10 Jan 2015

Friday, 9th Jan
We made good time getting down to Wintercamp 2015 at Gilwell Park last night arriving about 9:30pm.

Weather was strangely warm around 14degC!! But very windy! And muddy! Oh the Mud! Thank God for a good pair of wellies!
After queuing to get to our pitch (along with many others who had arrived at a similar time), We pitched camp in the dark (and the mud… Did I mention the mud!) about 11:30pm. The kids then went to bed ready to get some sleep before a busy day …

18 Dec 2014

8th South Leeds Carlton Scout Group, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts went to Xscape Castleford for our Christmas Party 2014!. There were two activities arranged for the Cubs, Laserzone or Bowling.
Thanks to Graham “Bald Eagle” for the photos of the children bowling…
Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the Cubs and Scouts actually playing Lasertag but here are some photos of them having some pizza and juice in between games. They were also excitedly comparing score cards from the first two games 🙂
Some Leaders helped the children eat the plentiful bounty of pizza…

11 Dec 2014

Cubs and Scouts joined together tonight, our penultimate meeting of the year.
Tonight was Christmas Activites with 3 different activities on offer. Thank you very much to Sara “Oo” and the other Cub and Scout Leaders for running tonight’s meeting – several other Leaders were away at School plays…!
Santa biscuits – thanks to one of our parents, Jane, for arranging this activity 🙂

Christingles – supported by the Vicar, Rev Mandy from Christ Church,Lofthouse where we meet 🙂
and Paracode Woggles (the Scout Leader, Goshawk, gets touchy if you call them …

9 Dec 2014

8th Carlton Leaders were heard singing loudly (but in lovely tuneful voices 😉 ) at the South Leeds and Morley District Carol Service.
It was a great service held at St Paul’s in Drighlington. At the end of the service, the District Comissioner, Chris and the County Comissioner John, presented awards to well deserving youth and adult Scout members.
Bronze Award
First were two of our Cubs who had earned their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award in Beavers… – well done Harry and Imogen!

Silver Award

… followed by 3 of our Scouts who had earned their Chief Scout’s Silver Award …