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23 Oct 2015

Cub and scouts joined together for our end of term party, enjoying dancing to music, eating hot dogs and picnic foods and spending time relaxing with friends whilst learning that Halloween is celebrated by Pagan’s and then reflecting on this from a Christian point of view. This is part of our wider learning surrounding our World Faiths Activity work.
This was our last session before the holidays and we heard lots of conversations taking place about fun activities that were being planned for through the week.
Church Parade will take place Sunday …

20 Oct 2015

Another great night with Carlton Cubs. The challenges was knots and Hitches and everyone took part with great enthusiasm. Nearly every cub managed to complete the remaining credits needed for their pioneering badge and the newer Cubs are well on their way to completion.

Hopefully the models/knots and hitches made it home in one piece.
We reorganized the sixes, awarded Sixer and Seconder stripes to those who are proving to be natural leaders and taking on more responsibility, and moved to five sixes rather than four to allow for the increased …

2 Oct 2015

What a great evening at 8th Carlton Cubs tonight!
Our topic tonight was teamwork and after a short introduction the Cubs were soon engaged in forum style activities planning out a camp. There were no guidelines, they had to decide what, how, where, when and the type of activities they would like to try out. The Cubs worked as a team to plan everything including the food they would like to eat on camp.
We now have the skeleton of 4 cub camps that we will be looking at further in the …