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29 Jan 2015

Tonight at Cubs we started by reviewing and signing the updated Cubs Contract. This is not really something new, but rather something we’ve just let lapse recently – we had assued all the Cubs had signed up to it, but after we did a quick “hands up”… well very few hands went up!
The Cubs read through the Contract and then signed it… we had their parents sign it also when they came to pick them up. As Akela, I will be counter-signing the same this week, laminating them and then …

27 Jan 2015

Tonight scout’s was wicked!
We did some pioneering in which we had to build a tripod using only rope and wooden beams. We then went down to millennium green and we had a competition to see which patrol could make a ledge that could get Jack the highest off the ground.
Then, we did the mega fun thing, we had a snowball fight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS
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27 Jan 2015

This page should redirect you automatically to the Scout communication about the 2015 Programme Release { display: none; }

22 Jan 2015

This week at Cubs, we were attempting to communicate again. Last week we started the Communicator Activity Badge and hoped to finish the remaining requirements this week. However the lure of the sudden flurry of snow we had had proved too much for the Cubs and they just wanted to have a big snowball fight!
Interestingly few Cubs had arrived in cold / snow weather gear so they weren’t prepared and got quite cold and wet in the process. Hopefully a learning lesson for some of them…

Once back inside and warming up …

20 Jan 2015

This week at scouts we did activities about drama and role play. Each patrol had to think of a scene from a book or a film or even one just from their imagination.
Then we had 45 minutes to practice until 8.00, and then it was show time. Each patrol performed in front of 5 judges. One patrol did a scene of magical unicorns, another about gangster Granny. Each patrol tried really hard yet the tigers just came out on top. Then it was time for the fun. Scouts challenged the …

15 Jan 2015

Beavers had another fun night, making music and playing musical statues { display: none; }

15 Jan 2015

Tonight at Cubs we started on the Communicator Activity Badge.
We briefly talked about public telephones after I’d driven around for a little while to find the nearest one to our meeting place. Turns out that that one doesn’t take cash anymore, just credit / debit cards (which the Cubs are unlikely to have!), prepaid cards (they could have these but unlikely) or dial 100 to place a reverse charge call.
Then Sara “Oo” took the Cubs through a brief review of making an emergency call which had covered before Christmas in …

10 Jan 2015

Friday, 9th Jan
We made good time getting down to Wintercamp 2015 at Gilwell Park last night arriving about 9:30pm.

Weather was strangely warm around 14degC!! But very windy! And muddy! Oh the Mud! Thank God for a good pair of wellies!
After queuing to get to our pitch (along with many others who had arrived at a similar time), We pitched camp in the dark (and the mud… Did I mention the mud!) about 11:30pm. The kids then went to bed ready to get some sleep before a busy day …

8 Jan 2015

The first Cub meeting of 2015 was given the working title of Batteries Not Included 🙂
I wrote a blog post that was automatically published on the 1st Jan 2015 a few minutes past midnight 🙂 In it I introduced this concept to the Cubs and asked them to bring down battery-less toys or games to Cubs tonight.
We had a great collection of games and the Cubs seemed to enjoy themselves from the photos below!
Samuel with a great maze game where you turn wheels on the side of the box to get …

1 Jan 2015

Happy New Year Cubs!
So if this works automagically, I get my first blog post in right at the start of 2015 (in the UK!)- this looks to be a great year full of promise and adventure…. jump in with both feet, legs, body, arms… everything!
I hope you’ve been having a great break from school (or work for your parents / families) and have had lots of fun over the festive break! Ziggy, Ziggette and Ziglet had a great time out in the snow a couple of days ago with the …