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Cubs try breaking and entering…

4 December 2014

Yes, tonight, to finish off the second part of the Home Safery Badge (we did the first part a couple of weeks ago), the Cubs became cat burglars as looked at breaking and entering into our meeting place!

However, to open the evening with we had another order of business to attend to – investing two young people into Cubs – and into the Scouting Family! Samuel was invested into Green Six, and Finlay was invested into Blue Six.

– Great to have you as part of the Pack!


After briefly reviewed the first part of the Home Safety Badge, which we covered a couple of weeks ago, we played a game of “Nets” to get warmed up. Two Cubs hold hands then try to capture other cubs by chasing after them and passing their arms over a cub’s head. The captured cub then joins hands as well, in a line, and thery try and capture more cubs… and so on! This was a very boisterous game and good for a few minutes warm up!

We then split the Pack into two groups – one group stayed inside with Raksha and a Young Leader, and I took the other half outside with Bagheera and another Young Leader.

The group inside were discussing Part 5 of badge requirements…

Know how to make an emergency telephone call, including using mobile telephones, to call the emergency services.Home Safety Badge, The Scout Association

… using the National Grid resources. The Cubs learned about the UK 999 emergency number and the European (inc UK) 112 emergency number

burglaryMy group went round our meetingplace outside, pretending we were burglars and looking at ways we might break in (if we were actually burglars of course!) – this was for Part 4 of the badge requirements

Know what precautions to take to protect your home from crime.Home Safety Badge, The Scout Association

Whilst walking around our meeting place, we discussed ways that a burglar may try and break in – thankfully our meeting place is pretty secure (we think!). We also commented on the security lights that come on automatically to light dark areas and how this may be a deterrent.

One big thing we mentioned was what was visible in windows – both in the meeting place and in cars in the car park. It was agreed that if a burglar could see some thing through a window that look expensive then there was a greater chance it would be taken! Both Jacob and Imogen came up with great points here… Jacob said, “Put your ipad / tablet under the seat when leaving the car“; Imogen suggested putting larger items, like rucksacks, in the car boot.

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The groups swapped over so both had opportunity to learn about calling the emergency services and looking at how to protect our homes or meeting places (or cars) from crime!

Towards the end of the evening we gave all the Cubs a list of emergency contacts and suggested they take them home to add some more / fill in the suggested ones on the list. Several such as Police, Fire, Ambulance should bave been easy from what they’d learned earlier.

And to finish the night we had a quick Scouts v Cubs game of Dodgeball! Always a favourite… the Scouts won this time! – which they were clearly very please about from the pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In closing, Louis M presented his collection (for his Collectors Badge!) of Nerf guns.. slightly scary but pretty cool!

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Awards: LOTS of badges handed out tonight (to Cubs that had earned them!)… All the Cubs present tonight received the Home Safety Badge for their active participation in tonight and the Home Safety (Part 1) session. Next, Thomas W was promoted to Seconder AND received his Community Challenge Badge. Jacob H, Louis M, Ben S and Henry U also received their Community Challenge Badge. Harry B, Abi R, Harry A and Alex H also receievd their Hikes Away 1 Staged Activity Badge.

Following their participaion in the Japan Jamboree evening we held last term, and then the Holland evening earlier this term, the following Cubs have been awared the International Partnership badge: Henry U, Ben S, Harry B, Louis M, Louie F, Elliott F, Logan M, Imogen S, Jacob H


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