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4 Sep 2014

On Thursday, 4th September – the first meeting of the Autumn Term – the 8th Carlton Scout Group Cub Section got a new Section Leader, traditionally called “Akela“.
Slightly out of tradition though the new Section Leader is perhaps better know by another name… “Ziggy”!

Helen, who has been Akela for the last several YEARS and has done an absolutely amazing job. Indeed the Cub Section is in a great place and has a strong team of Assistant Leaders all working together to provide a fun and interesting Programme for the Section.
So …

4 Sep 2014

Well, the first night back after the summer holidays was full of new things happening!
We opened as normal in horseshoe, with 24 children making up the Pack!

We then started off by making some changes to the structure of the Pack…
First Akela moved James D who was Sixer for Yellow Six to become Sixer in Blue Six. This was because at the end of the Summer Term the Blue Sixer, Henry M moved up to the Scout Troop.
Then it was with great pleasure that Joe R was promoted from Seconder to Yellow Sixer to …