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26 Sep 2014

Before the summer the 8th Carlton Cub pack did a series of evenings learning about Poo, Toilets and fundraising for the Toilet Twinning charity!
We finally ordered our certificate – and made a donation at the sametime to the Toilet Twinning Charity. The certificate arrived in the post yesterday! Here’s a scan of it I did in order to easily share it with everyone – you can see the real certifcate in its frame at Christ Church, Lofthouse!
Click on the Image below to open Google Maps showing the co-ordinates of the village …

25 Sep 2014

Tonight we had a group called Playful Leeds come in to recruit the Cubs‘ and Scouts‘ help in building ROBOTS as part of their quest to create 10,000 robots in Leeds by the weekend of the 25th / 26th October!
There were several different activities on offer giving the children different options for building robots. Of course, the most-popular one that eveyrone wanted to do was build a Minecraft Robot!
We only had a limited number of laptops available to create the robots on so the other groups of children created beautifully simply, but pretty effective and interesting, …

23 Sep 2014

Thank you to everyone who supported the bag pack at ASDA Morley on Saturday. It was a really long day but we raised a fantastic £1,549! It made a massive difference to those that were starting to get weary to have new faces arriving to help pack even if it was just for an hour and as always our young people impressed customers and staff with their smart uniforms and great attitudes. All those who helped on the day will get a badge to say thank you :).
We hope to …

22 Sep 2014

25 of our Cubs and Beavers joined a District, Beaver-led Sleepover at The Deep on Friday evening, 19th September and had a great time! Over 110 Beavers and Cubs from the South Leeds and Morley District left on 3 coaches (one from Morley and two from Rothwell) to arrive at The Deep in Hull shortly before half-past six.

Upon arrival, we were met by staff who had a clear and well-practiced plan for our visit which proceeded very smoothly! The Scout Groups from the District were split into  3 groups (per coach) and brought into different …

18 Sep 2014

Tonight at Cubs we planned to finish the last part – for many of the Cubs – of the Global Challenge Badge, section (1): “Find out about the traditions, culture, food, religion and other interesting characteristics of a country different from your own.”. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the evening didn’t quite pan out as I’d planned (just sometimes works that way!) and so we’ll revisit the Global Challenge badge sometime later in the Programme I think.
Some Cubs DID get to make some Windmills as part of the “learning about interesting …

16 Sep 2014

Hi all
We have an opportunity to go on the County Caving Trip on the 4th Oct up in the Dales from 12 noon until 2. The attached has all the details. You need only to look at pages 3 and 4.
The cost is £10 per scout and £5 per leader. You will need to get yourselves there too.
Thank you for those who expressed interest.
Payment Details
Reference as usual plus “SCAV14” (e.g. “S WilliamsC SCAV14”)
Scout called Williams Corrinne SCAV14
Could you please email Goshawk when you have made the payment.
This should be no …

11 Sep 2014

Tonight in the Beaver Section we planted Seeds that B&Q kindly donated!
The Seeds are now coming along nicely at Green Beavers’ house ready to go into the Church Garden on Thursday, 25th September! { display: none; }

11 Sep 2014

Tonight at Cubs, the evening was run by Taylor, a member of our Scout Troop, and Emily (aka Dizzy), one of our Young Leaders, who put on a Japanese-themed evening – naturally in support of the World Scout Jamboree in 2015 (Taylor and Emily are members of the UK Contingent going to the WSJ!)!
This was to go towards the Cubs’ Global Challenge Badge and their International Partnership Award.
It was a great evening, with lots going on :-).
The evening started off with the investiture, by the Group Scout Leader, of one of our Assistant Cub …

4 Sep 2014

On Thursday, 4th September – the first meeting of the Autumn Term – the 8th Carlton Scout Group Cub Section got a new Section Leader, traditionally called “Akela“.
Slightly out of tradition though the new Section Leader is perhaps better know by another name… “Ziggy”!

Helen, who has been Akela for the last several YEARS and has done an absolutely amazing job. Indeed the Cub Section is in a great place and has a strong team of Assistant Leaders all working together to provide a fun and interesting Programme for the Section.
So …

4 Sep 2014

Well, the first night back after the summer holidays was full of new things happening!
We opened as normal in horseshoe, with 24 children making up the Pack!

We then started off by making some changes to the structure of the Pack…
First Akela moved James D who was Sixer for Yellow Six to become Sixer in Blue Six. This was because at the end of the Summer Term the Blue Sixer, Henry M moved up to the Scout Troop.
Then it was with great pleasure that Joe R was promoted from Seconder to Yellow Sixer to …