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21 Jul 2014

Our bag pack at Morrisons in Rothwell was supported by 6 scouts, 10 cubs and 5 beavers along with Leaders, Exec members, parents and siblings. It was a very warm day and everyone worked really hard packing shopping bags, some for an hour or two and some brave souls for the whole 6 hours. The fact that it was a quiet day due to the sunshine outside seemed to benefit our cause with people happy to chat to us and find out more. Customers generously donated change and some even …

17 Jul 2014

(photos courtesy of Paula Doody)
– if anyone has any other photos from the Waterfight they want to share that’d be great!
As is now tradition, we have a massive All Group Waterfight on the Millennium Green just down the road from the church to finish the Summer Term!
The Beavers arrived slightly later than their normal start time at 6:30pm and did some games on the Green before the Cubs and Scouts turned up at 7pm. Then Bald Eagle (Assist. Scout Leader) turned up in Chil’s truck pulling 2 3,000Liter water containers …

17 Jul 2014

Hi Cubs
We don’t want you getting bored over the summer holidays which will soon be here so we are setting you a challenge…..
Which six can gain the most badges over the summer?
Will it be Red, Yellow, Blue or Green six?
How about setting yourself the challenge to work towards at least one cub badge during the summer break?
Its your choice which one to chose, if you’re sporty how about your Fitness Challenge your Sports Enthusiast or your Physical Recreation badge?
If you prefer pen and paper how about your Creative Challenge, Artists badge or Book Reader ?
There’s …

10 Jul 2014

(This blog post brought to you by Akela)
What a great night you missed Ziggy!
To start the session we continued with our Tour de France Cyclist theme and worked through the Halfords puzzle books in groups of eight, helping each other as a team to do our best. The booklets were then available to take home to complete.
We then moved on in these groups to present our show and tell allowing everyone who had brought something down to have a go.
Daniel N (see photo below) is working towards his musician stage 2 …

7 Jul 2014

Scouts took a risk this week!
We had tried morse code previously – and it frustrated both Leaders and Scouts … despite all the encouragement from Leaders and ideas for practical usage -the response from Scouts was a resounding “watspoint?”
So this time we used our imagination, stepped up the difficulty AND the incentive!
Scouts were given the opportunity to buy in (or buy out! – two elected to do paperwork with Chil … and soon regretted not having a go!)
So – we separated them into teams and separated the teams far enough …

3 Jul 2014

Tonight at Cubs was all about bikes! Obviously this was completely coincidental with the Le Tour Yorkshire this weeked! 🙂
 We had planned a few activities tonight – we asked Cubs to bring their own bike down (AND helmet!) if they owned one. During the evening, “Bagheera” along with a couple of Young Leaders, took groups of Cubs to our nearby Millennium Green where there was a bit more space and a large grassy area to practice bike control but following a route round the Green.
With the groups of Cubs back at …

3 Jul 2014

Beavers went all French tonight!!We had our own French Cafe serving warm Croissants with jam and cream and Pain au Chocolat served with Tea and Coffee. All the parents seem to enjoy it and some of the Waiters/ Waitresses got a tip. We’re all in the mood for The Tour de France now!!

After the Beaver’s Cafe, some of the Beavers who are Moving On soon to Cubs stayed a little while longer with the Cub Pack as part of their introduction to it and learned how to mend punctures in bike tyres. …