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22 May 2014

– blog entry jointly written by Sara “Oo” and Neil “Ziggy”
Heavy rain and elections were no match for the Carlton Cubs who took it all in their stride and instead of games on the Millennium Green a movie night entertained instead.
We opened as normal in “horse-shoe” and then talked briefly about why we were inside, upstairs in the main church hall instead of the basement which was being used as a polling station. This led onto a discussion about polling and what it was about which in turn led onto …

15 May 2014

Yellow and Blue Sixes had the opportunity to visit West Yorkshire Police’s CarrGate HQ this Thursday evening. – Don’t worry… Red and Green Sixes get to go on the 5th June! 🙂
(we can only take limited numbers on each visit – including leaders! – and our Cub Pack is now too big to take in one go!)
After a brief presentation about the Specialist Services that were based at the CarrGate site, such as the dog unit, Firearms unit, Helicopter and Horse section, we then went on a tour of the …

8 May 2014

This Thursday evening at Cubs, whilst Akela went on the first visit to the West Yorkshire Police CarrGate HQ with the Scout Section, Ziggy was in charge!
To start with the Cubs played a game – the Human Knot.One of the Cubs, Joe R, wanted to teach / run this game which goes towards his Promise Challenge Badge 🙂
We tried two versions of this game – the first were the Cubs randomly put themselves into a knot without Joe looking and then he had to try and untie them.

This was very …

8 May 2014

-Blog post courtesy of Sara “Oo”, 8th Carlton, Assistant Cub Scout Leader
(photos courtesy of Adults and Leaders who were there)

It was a cool but bright morning as we arrived at Phoenix Camp Site in Morley, Leeds.
We had ordered sunshine for the weekend and were not disappointed as it rapidly started to warm up and dry out the frost from the night before.
All twelve cubs from 8th Carlton arrived and were shown to their accommodation, familiarised with the camp layout and then allowed a little free time to run off the excess …

1 May 2014

This Thursday at Cubs, Akela took the Cub Pack through Tents and Kit Bags in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars Camp at the weekend. I think this was perfect Cubs activities embodying the Scout ethos… Everyday Adventure!
After talking about rucksacks and what to put put in them for camps, Akela taught the Cubs the “Kit Bag” game. In this game, the Cubs were split into their Sixes, each six given a dice which each Cub in that Six took it in turn to roll.
The Rules of the game
They had …