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27 Apr 2014

This Blog entry courtesy of Sara “Oo”, Assistant Cub Scout Leader who got invested during the Parade along with Assistant Scout Leader Graham “Bald Eagle” – well done both!
“I was really looking forward to the parade this year and felt it was an important step in my role as a Sectional Assistant working with the Cub Pack at 8th SLaM.
There are two days a year that we wear our best uniforms and parade publicly with pride and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the past and to reaffirm our commitment …

24 Apr 2014

This Thursday, the first meeting back after at Cubs it was a St George’s-themed evening as it was St George’s Day the day before, 23rd April (and we also found out it is Shakespear’s Birthday!) and in preperation for St George’s activities and Parade at the weekend. You can the Cubs taking part in the Parade here 🙂
After our opening ceremony as normal, we talked briefly about what the Cubs had got up to over the 2 week Easter Holidays.  Jacob H talked to us about his visit to London for …

15 Apr 2014

Hi all,
Hope you are all having an amazing time during the Easter Holidays. Fingers crossed the sun stays shining for the next couple of weeks. Why not let us know what you have been getting up to during the holidays?
We’d love to see what you have been doing…
See you soon.

14 Apr 2014

Hey Group,
Check out these new Activity Badges across Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers! This is following a review of Activity Badges that was started back in 2012. These are available from 14th April 2014… go get ’em!
For Beavers

Camp Craft
Disability Awareness

Time on the water
(Staged Activity)

For Cubs

Backwoods Cooking
Disability Awareness
Fire Safety
Time on the water
(Staged Activity)


Time on the water
(Staged Activity)

Additionally for Scouts, Hikes Away and Nights Away have additional stages!
For background on these new badges read this.

3 Apr 2014

This Thursday evening we had Easter related activities as it was the last meeting before Easter for a couple of weeks as the Leeds schools took a 2 week break (most other schools still had another week to run before they then broke up!).
It was great having Baloo join us again tonight and she, Dizzy and Oo (who had managed to get some hold of a lot of pretzel dough from The Street Lane Bakery)

then helped the Cubs to make Pretzels – which they seemed to have a great time doing …