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13 Mar 2014

At Cubs tonight, we choose to do some active games to get the Pack up and moving! This was part to get the Cubs moving and burn off lots of energy they seem to have these days and also as practice for some that may be in the District Trading Post event tomorrow evening.
And here’s a video of James and Dan competing to try and walk from one side of the hall to the other whilst balancing a tennis ball on their heads 🙂

The Pack seemed to have lots of …

13 Mar 2014

Beavers having fun on Thursday 13th March… Putting tents up and enjoying a healthy picnic 🙂


13 Mar 2014

Tonight’s session will be held at Christ Church as usual. Can I request that scouts are ready for horse shoe at 7pm prompt…
Tonight’s session was run by Goshawk (SL) and for me, was a demonstration how much you forget when you don’t use your brain cells!
The session was broken into four sections:-

General knowledge part 1
Identifying countries and their capitals
Flag identification
General Knowledge part 2

The scouts worked as teams in their respective patrols to stimulate a bit of competition and I’m pleased to report that all patrols worked well. At the end …