Articles Archive for February 2014

27 Feb 2014

At Cubs this Thursday, we did an Art Project, as part of the requirements for the Cubs earning their Artist Badge!
Using an idea by Chris from the 8th Mirfield Scout Group (in neighbouring Wakefield) (- thanks!), I prepared the two images below at the beginning of the evening:
As per Chris’s instructions, I printed out each image and then, using a guillotine I cut them up into 16 equal pieces, numbered them (in the hope that it would help to put them back together again in the end) and then laminated each piece (potentially …

20 Feb 2014

What… no blog today, Ziggy?
No – there’s been no Cub meeting tonight due to (Leeds) school half term 🙂 However the Cub Leaders have been busy as usual behind the scenes planning and thinking about new and interesting events / things to do!
What have you been up to during the school holidays, Cubs? Done or been anywhere interesting? Done anything towards any of your Activity Badges? Why not leave a comment in the form below about what you’ve been up to…! Or, with your parent’s permission, email Akela & I …

13 Feb 2014

As the evening before Valentines Day we decided to do a craft session with the Cub Pack run by one of our newest Leaders, Catherine (no “Jungle Book” name yet – vote for your favourite here!). She did a great job showing the Cubs how to make a Valentines card and then helping them, along with the other leaders, to put it together.
The Cubs all  got stuck into this task pretty well and enjoyed building the card itself and then writing a poem to go inside it!
Catherine helping several cubs …

6 Feb 2014

With one month gone already in 2014, we started the first meeting in February with a Trading Post Practice! Ziggy had mistakenly thought the District Trading Post competition was on 14th February – it’s actually on the 14th March! (- sorry)
For anyone who might not be aware of what a Trading Post is: the Cubs earn some “money” (points) to start their trading with. They then “spend” points to attempt tasks which, upon successful completion, they earn lots more! In our practice tonight, the Cubs had the opportunity to earn up to …