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23 Jan 2014

It was a flying start to the evening (see news post EIGHT investments in one evening) in which our very own Bagheera (Assistant Cub Scout Leader) finally got his long-awaited investment!
It was then also his turn to run the evening and to take the Cubs through a Creative Challenge requirement – “Making something using pioneering skills” (as noted on the Planner)
Bagheera planned to use the Group’s Pioneering sticks and plentiful supply of rope / twine to show the Pack how to create a stretcher using four sticks. Akela helped to remind the Cubs …

23 Jan 2014

Wow – what an evening…. TWO seperate investment ceremonies were carried out tonight for a total of EIGHT (seems fitting! 😉 ) members of the 8th Carlton Scout Group!
First up was White Beaver investing four new Beavers into her thriving Colony

Followed by Group Scout Leader “Chil” investing three Adult Leaders in the Beaver Section and one, Bagheera, in the Cub Pack!


Now, as is the 8th Carlton way, the newly invested Leaders need to find someone to pass on their plain red neckers on to. Plain red neckers are given to …